Creative Life Support

Liz Berlin has created a name for herself within the entertainment industry as a founding member of the multi-platinum recording group, Rusted Root, with whom toured the country regularly for 30 years. Her appreciation for the drive and know-how required to sustain a career as a professional musician led to the development of Creative.Life.Support. Serving as Executive Director and teaching artist for all Creative.Life.Support operations, she develops and coordinates all events and educational programs, as well as manages the Creative.Life.Support Internship Program and Non-Profit Record Label. In 2014, Liz Berlin and her husband Mike Speranzo received a Jefferson Award for their efforts in the community though Creative.Life.Support. As co-owner of Mr. Smalls Theatre and Mr. Smalls Recording Studio, Liz works alongside her husband and partner, Mike Speranzo, assisting with the day-to-day operations, specializing in graphic design, Marketing and Promotions, Project management and Program Development.

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